Information Services Investing

Endicott Capital invests exclusively in technology-enabled, B2B information services companies that provide critical data and analytical tools to a wide range of sectors and end-markets.

At Endicott Capital, we primarily make majority and minority investments in growing, lower middle-market companies that are profitable or demonstrate a clear path to profitability and where our business-building expertise and partnership approach is valued by founders and management teams.

Endicott targets companies with:

  • “Must-have” data and analytics
  • Recurring, subscription-based revenue streams
  • Strong operating leverage at scale generated by a “build once, sell many times” model
  • Well-defined addressable markets
  • Scarcity value that will enhance franchise value on exit

Our Partnership Investment Considerations:

Companies where we can impact:

  • Business strategy to capitalize on significant market potential
  • Sales processes, go-to-market plans
  • Capital structure, corporate governance, strategic alternatives

Management teams that are:

  • Experienced, talented and long-term focused
  • Looking for a partner, not simply capital
  • Receptive to strategic and operational input

Business models that are:

  • Built on recurring revenue and high renewal rates
  • Solutions to identifiable problems
  • Defensible with high barriers to entry
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