Endicott Growth Equity Partners focuses on the Information Services industry. We capitalize on market opportunities at the crossroads of information services and data analytics.

Since 1996, Endicott has been successfully investing in and providing advisory services to middle-market financial institutions. With deep experience in the financial services sector, Endicott has earned a reputation as a premier investment firm committed to integrity, transparency, and partnership investing.

Founded by Wayne K. Goldstein and Robert I. Usdan, the firm has generated over two decades of strong investment performance.

Financial Advisory

Beginning in 2008, we shifted from a diversified investment strategy to a concentrated portfolio of our highest priority investments, public and private, to drive growth and fully realize potential.

In 2019, we formed Endicott Growth Equity Partners, with the addition of Will Pappas and Mike Chinn, who each bring over 20 years operating experience in the information services industry.

Financial Services Investing Information Services Investing
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